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Lowkey Tattoo
Abildvej 5E, 2. sal, 5700 Svendborg

Reg: 0862 – account: 3531197428

Opening Hours:
We have no set opening hours, but the shop is usually open between 10-17 monday to friday.

Customers are charged an hourly rate (no matter how big or small the project my be), with a minimum of charge of one hour pr session.
You will only be charged for actual tattooing time, the talk, prep and everything else is on the house.

PLEASE note that we do NOT accept credit cards.

You will be charged a 1000 kr deposit when you make an appointment (500 kr for smaller projects), which naturally will be deducted from the final price.
If you are unable to make your appointment, then you are obliged to let us know 24 hrs prior.

Needles, gloves and everything connected with the procedure are disposables. The equipment is wrapped in plastic to avoid cross contamination and everything will be discarded after use.

Remove the wrapping the next morning and wash the tattoo off with an unscented ph-neutral soap. When the fresh tattoo has been thoroughly cleaned, apply some Panthenol ointment (can be bought at Lowkey or at your local pharmacist) apply the ointment 3-4 times a day for the next 5-6 days (remember to ash your hands before application) and then continue this routine using regular moisturizer to keep the tattoo pliable and soft. If in doubt, then it is better to apply too little rather than too much.

Never use sun oil, vaseline or similar products. Do not expose your new tattoo to saltwater or chlorine and avoid the sun/sun bed for at least two weeks.