Worth knowing …

In this section, we have collected some of the more frequent questions we come across.

If in doubt it is better to ask. We are very serious about our work and would like our clients to be equally so.


Getting a tattoo is equivalent to getting a light skin abrasion. The tattoo artist pokes some colour pigment into the very surface of your skin.
Pigment placed too deep in the skin will get reabsorbed by the body and pigment placed too shallow in the skin will be expelled during healing. This is why the appearance of tattoos change during the first months. A tattoo can first be considered definitively “completed” after 2-3 months of healing. During this time it will settle into the skin. Sometimes this process can last several months, where it is still possible to “feel” the lines and in rare cases people can re-experience this later on for example when perspiring. This is completely normal and can be compared to something as benign as getting goose bumps.

May I expose my tattoo to sunlight?

The short answer is: no. The slightly longer answer is: it is completely up to you. The first couple of weeks, it is advisable to keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight.  After this you may start using sunscreen and your tattoo will be ready for the summer sun. BUT as with any other pigment, your tattoo will get bleached by sunlight. So if you want your tattoos to be bright and vibrant for as long as possible, we highly recommend that you keep it out of direct sunlight and use sunscreen with a high UVA-factor.

Can tattoos cause allergies?

Yes, everyone can develop allergies, both from natural occurring sources like pollen and apples or artificial compounds like perfume. Allergies are difficult to predict and everyone can be afflicted. All this being said, we have never in the existence of Lowkey Tattoo, experienced an allergic reaction that needed long-term treatment or removal of the tattoo itself. A very small handful of clients, have needed a short treatment with Hydrocortisone ointment (the same ointment is used to treat eczema), because they experienced a mild reaction. Whether their bodies just needed to adapt, if it were an allergic reaction to the surgical makers, or the surgical tape used one can simply not say.

When the media brings stories of serious allergic reactions, the truth behind the headline is almost exclusively, that the tattoo has not been done correctly and that there was a serious lack of craftsmanship from the artist that made it. If a tattoo artist does not know his craft, tattoos too deep and generally causes irritation to the skin, then the skin will react at some point.

Is it possible to get a cover-up on my old tattoo?

Maybe. We do huge amounts of cover-ups of old and/or ugly tattoos. But we unfortunately also occasionally have to turn some down. If we cannot achieve a finished result, which meets with our normal standards, we will refuse the job. In such a situation, it might be possible to have the old tattoo faded with laser treatment, and then we will have more options when it comes to making a cover-up tattoo.

It is a widespread misconception that, when doing a cover-up one needs to cover the old tattoo in its entirety. The trick is to cheat the eye of the viewer and draw attention away from what one is trying to conceal. That way one does not end up with a new, larger and much too dark tattoo. There are many ways of achieving this and usually it requires a thorough consultation with the chosen artist. One must always have in mind though, that a cover-up puts a lot of limitations on subject matter, colours, size and placement.

Pregnancy and nursing

Pregnant women should not subject themselves to getting tattooed. It is no dangerous per se, but during pregnancy you should not be unnecessarily exposed to stress. Since getting tattooed is in itself a stressful experience for the body and the sitter will be exposed to large amounts of stress hormones, it is naturally something to be avoided during pregnancy.

Nursing is, according to several consulted midwifes, not a problem. There is no possibility of passing dangerous substances onto your baby, through the milk. Whatever you choose though, do what feels right to you.

How do I prepare?

Get some sleep, a good meal and avoid being hung over. The body uses a surprising amount of energy, when getting tattooed. So even if you can normally go a whole day without food, then it does not apply when getting tattooed. You cannot undergo several hours of tattooing, without some sensible food in your system. You need to keep those blood sugar levels stabile. A hard work out the day before is never a good idea either-save your energy.

How come tattooing is so time-consuming?

The reason is quite simple; you want us to do our very best. The skin is a demanding canvas, which varies widely from person to person and even more from placement to placement. The key difference between a good and a fabulous tattoo is often how much time there was spent on the piece. Please remember that there is a huge difference between a good tattoo on TV or Instagram and a fabulous tattoo in real life!

Why do you guys eat so much cake?

We do not – that being said, Danish pastries, strawberry tarts and assorted homemade cakes have never ruined the mood.